CPU:Stands for Central Processing Unit. A core component that processes all of the instructions from the programs you run.
Motherboard: Also known as Mainboard, another core component of a computer that connects all of the computer devices together.
AGP: Stands for Accelerated Graphics Port. A special connection on the Motherboard specifically designed for Graphics Cards.
RAM: Stands for Random Access Memory. The temporary memory in a computer that holds the information from the programs you are currently using.
Hard Drive: Also known as HDD. The device that stores all of your documents and programs.
Floppy Drive: Device that reads 3.5inch floppy disks.
Modem: Device used to connect to the internet. The standard type is a 56K Dial Up Modem. We also have ADSL (Broadband) Modems available.
LAN: Stands for Local Area Network. The standfard connection used to connect multiple computers together.
CRT: Stands for Cathode-Ray Tube. This is the standard "box" monitor available.
LCD: Stands for Liquid Crystal Display. This is the standard "thin style" monitors available. A rule of thumb is the screen is normally 2 inches larger than the CRT equivalent. For example, a 15" LCD is equivalent to a 17" CRT.